Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Version 0.10.1 release

Version 0.10.1 of the Simplified Cangjie keyboard for Android is available for download on the Google Play Tools category for free.

Bug fix
  • Fixed the malfunction cursor.

  • If you experience extreme lag after updating, try uninstalling and re-installing the keyboard again.
  • After changing theme, try to restart the keyboard or rotate the device with the keyboard active, to make the new theme effective.
  • If you experience touch difficulty, try to set the Touch sensitivity settings as High and Neutral.
  • If you experience missing candidates, try enabling the 'Rarely used characters' option of 'Chinese candidates' setting.
  • Simplified Chinese candidates are disabled by default. Enable it at the 'Character type' option of 'Chinese candidates' setting if required.

Known issues
  • Keyboard closes itself on Contact's phone number text box of Samsung devices with Android 4.x. Will fix once we get a Samsung device on hand to check.
  • Keyboard plays sound on press on LG devices, even sound is disabled in settings. Will fix once we get a LG device on hand to check.
  • Candidates selection bar jumps when the height is set to S. Fix in the pipeline.
  • Key size too large for tablets. Fix in the pipeline.

  • Installation from Goole Play is recommended.
  • Or download the APK and install manually, if Google Play is not available on your device.

  • All features, terms and conditions of the previous version 0.10.0 apply.


  1. 我覺得加入編輯聯想字的功能,可能更好。 最好可以引入字典檔禁樣~! 加油!

  2. Hello Miles, I've been using your input method for a while. It is very useful & speedy. Just want to know whether you think will develop a desktop PC version of this input method ?

  3. 本人之前用三星手機時已用緊這速成鍵盤,真你係好好用!!!但係而家轉用了HTC ONE MAX,第一時間裝返速成鍵盤,卻開唔到,真係唔知在那裡開,還是根本開唔到?請問我可以在設定那裡怎樣開?謝謝!!!

  4. password field 會食字,
    test: 12qw
    app: teamviewer

  5. 無法直接DOWNLOAD APK,請修改

  6. 謝謝修改連結,唔洗再用垃圾大陸go輸入法

  7. How can i set the selection font size?? It is too big on Samsung note / note2...

  8. 好多字都打唔到出嚟.

  9. Cannot select chinese characters on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  10. 會唔會有iOS version ?

  11. Hi ,plz introduce this function to IOS version !!!!!!
    Help lots of typers