Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Version 0.4.0 release

Version 0.4.0 of the Simplified Cangjie keyboard for Android is available for download on the Android Market Tools category for free. This is a testing version and will expire on 15 February 2011.

New Features
  • 2 options of candidate selection hot keys, long press 1234567890 keys or long press qwertyuiop keys, for the hardware keyboard.
  • Options to switch the smart punctuation on and off.
  • Options to make candidate bar overlapping underlaying app, for the prevention of covering up of edit box on small screen machines.


1234567890 candidate selection hot key for hardware keyboard

qwertyuiop candidate selection hot key for hardware keyboard

  • All features, terms and conditions of the previous version 0.3.3 apply.


  1. 點樣可以校到用數字select中文字呀(好似上圖咁),我淨係用到支筆點字用jar...

  2. 我用緊部山寨機有實體keyaboard,都揀唔到字,點算呀