Thursday, March 11, 2010

Version 0.2.0 release

Version 0.2.0 of the Simplified Cangjie keyboard for Android is available for download on the Android Market Tools category for free. This is a testing version and will expire on 15 June 2010.

New Features
  • Associated phrases (聯想詞).
  • Choice of 4 colors for candidates selection bar.
  • Candidates navigation paging buttons.

Simplified Cangjie keyboard for Android, normal key keyboard layout
Normal key keyboard layout

Simplified Cangjie keyboard for Android, pair-key keyboard layout
Pair-key keyboard layout

Simplified Cangjie keyboard for Android, big key keyboard layout
Big key keyboard layout

Bug fix
  • Fixed the wrong processing of ALT key, while Auto-capitalization is on, for hardware keyboard.

  • All features, terms and conditions of the previous version 0.1.1 apply.


  1. Milestone 用速成打 木 戈 選樽 字會hang機, 要拆電先得

  2. 我用acer a1 有同樣問題…打個"bottle" 字會hang。 不論任何apps

  3. Noted this problem. It is caused by the malfunction of associated phrases look up. Will fix it ASAP. The problem can be prevented by temporary disabled the associated phrases. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  4. Version 0.2.1 released and fixed the problem.

  5. 會有apk下載嗎?

  6. You can find the latest version on the Android Market by clicking the upper right QR code on your Android machine. or search it by the name.